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  • How can I see this?!
    You can't...YET! ;) We will be posting updates here, as well as our various other social medias, on when and where you'll be able to view Casey the Frog!
  • How can I contribute to Casey the Frog?
    Our campaign on Seed & Spark can be viewed here: You can Venmo @Casey-Landman with any amount you feel comfortable--just label the payment as "Casey the Frog"! We also accept Paypal, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, etc. For any questions on payment options, please email Thanks in advance! :)
  • Who is Casey the Frog meant for?
    Casey the Frog is geared towards children 3-8 years old, but is really for people of all ages. It's meant to start a dialogue between children and adults, to represent children with cancer in media, and to get rid of any stigma that cancer may carry!
  • When do you expect the film to be finished?
    We expect our film to be complete and ready for the festival circuit in December 2021!
  • Is Casey the Frog a book or a film?
    Great question! Casey the Frog was originally written as a book, but its first form will be a short film! We hope to make it into a book soon after. :)
  • Where does Casey the Frog live?
    Casey the Frog, along with her parents and older brother, live in a house made of mushrooms, with a pond in their front yard!
  • On the "Our Team" page, you told two truths and a lie. Which was the lie?!"
    Casey's lie: Fact #1! Priya's lie: Fact #2! Kaitlynd's lie: Fact #3! Pete's lie: Fact #3! Matthew's lie: Fact #2! Did you get any of them right?!
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