Frequently asked questions

How can I see this?!

You can't...YET! ;) We will be posting updates here, as well as our various other social medias, on when and where you'll be able to view Casey the Frog!

How can I contribute to Casey the Frog?

Our campaign on Seed & Spark can be viewed here: https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/casey-the-frog#story You can Venmo @Casey-Landman with any amount you feel comfortable--just label the payment as "Casey the Frog"! We also accept Paypal, Chase QuickPay, Zelle, etc. For any questions on payment options, please email CaseyTheFrogFilm@gmail.com. Thanks in advance! :)

When do you expect the film to be finished?

We expect our film to be complete and ready for the festival circuit in December 2021!

On the "Our Team" page, you told two truths and a lie. Which was the lie?!

Casey's lie: Fact #1! Priya's lie: Fact #2! Kaitlynd's lie: Fact #3! Pete's lie: Fact #3! Matthew's lie: Fact #2! Did you get any of them right?!

Who is Casey the Frog meant for?

Casey the Frog is geared towards children 3-8 years old, but is really for people of all ages. It's meant to start a dialogue between children and adults, to represent children with cancer in media, and to get rid of any stigma that cancer may carry!

Is Casey the Frog a book or a film?

Great question! Casey the Frog was originally written as a book, but its first form will be a short film! We hope to make it into a book soon after. :)

Where does Casey the Frog live?

Casey the Frog, along with her parents and older brother, live in a house made of mushrooms, with a pond in their front yard!