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What is 'Casey the Frog'?
Casey the Frog is a children’s animated short in which a young, happy frog named Casey is diagnosed with a scary disease called cancer.

As Casey learns more about what that means, she turns towards the community around her for strength and hope.

This is a PROOF OF CONCEPT for a future mini series.
What is a 'Proof of Concept'?
A proof of concept short film demonstrates to potential producers the viability of your idea.

They showcase the main ideas, tone and themes of your vision.

We imagine Casey the Frog as a mini series, where Casey will deal with a different obstacle in each episode. 
Who is 'Casey the Frog' meant for?
Casey the Frog is geared towards children 3-8 years old, but is really for people of all ages.

It's meant to start a dialogue between children and adults, to represent children with cancer in media, and to get rid of any stigma that cancer may carry!
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